Cellar Door Opening – June 6th & 7th 12 noon – 5pm

Release of the 2013 Single Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir –

It is my pleasure to release our newest Pinot Noir to the market the

2013 Single Vineyard Estate Pinot.  A wine of great finesse and charm, with generous fruit and fine tannins.  In fact the pinot has inspired me to cook something special for tonight.  These cold, drizzling days and nights must be tackled with warm and soothing food and wine. So, a roast duck came to mind and why not?  Extravagant yes but so is the wine.

Needless to say that I have assessed the Pinot a few times in the past twelve months and I think that duck and our 2013 Single Vineyard Pinot is the ticket for this month.  So reach out for a duck I have the Pinot for you.

The 2013 Single Vineyard Pinot will be on offer to our mailing list and cellar door customers only, over our June weekend, at a very special price of $228 for a 6 pack or $420 a dozen  (Normal RRP $44.00 or $528 dozen) If you can’t make it to the winery, you can order by emailing or calling the winery.  Look forward to seeing you on the weekend.

Museum Wines – The Cabernet and Shiraz collections

The Wedgetail Museum collection the original Cabernet range vintages from 1998 to 2002 and from 2003 re-named The North Face.    For the Shiraz lovers the range starts in 2003, our first vintage with bottles up to 2006 available. The quantities for the wines are little and in some cases only 6 bottles are available. All wines are looking great, however some bottles of course will be greater than others, like most things in the world!

Vintages and Quantities available are listed below

Wine   Number of Bottles Bottle Price
Wedgetail estate Cabernet Merlot Sold Out
Wedgetail estate Cabernet Merlot 30 32
Wedgetail estate Cabernet Merlot 60 32
Wedgetail estate Cabernet Merlot 74 36
Wedgetail estate Cabernet Merlot 24 32
Wedgetail estate Cabernet Merlot 72 32
Wedgetail North Face 4 32
Single Vineyard Shiraz 18 38
Wedgetail North Face 15 32
Single Vineyard Shiraz 24 38
Wedgetail North Face 3
Single Vineyard Shiraz 48 34
Wedgetail North Face Sold Out
Single Vineyard Shiraz 25 34


Wedgetail in the UK celebrated in Matthew Jukes’ 100 Best Australian Wines!

Our Latest News Ben Thomas Reviews the  Single Vineyard Shiraz 2011             The Weekly Review      4 ½ / 5                                                                                  Edgy, cool-climate Shiraz may not be to everyone’s taste, but here’s a good example. Only 150 cases of this wine, which was matured in 50 per cent new oak, were made. Perfumedand funky, cherry, redcurrant, stalky, sappy, meaty aromas are a delight. A silky smooth texture – it’s satin-like – bright acid and fine tannins support sweet and sour flavours of cherry, beetroot, cranberry, loam and spice. For the record, this is a style I love.  Food match Chateaubriand

DecanterThe most Influential UK Wine Magazine” has just reviewed the 2009 Wedgetail estate Pinot Noir  Highly Recommended

Decanter review Wedgetail Pinot'09

Liquid grapes

Liquid grapes

Magic occurs in bottles like it does around people. In this case naturally forming bubbles gather in a bottle of chardonnay forming a bunch of grapes, the molecular expression was stronger than the physical composition.

Guy Lamothe